Handmade Soap Supreme

Our Story

Well, it all started years ago (like all good stories do) around 2004…We had (like everyone) used grocery store bath soap since childhood and found ourselves in a real dilemma.  All soap we tried caused us to have skin reactions including allergic type reactions to the heavy perfumes and chemical additives. We also tried the existing handmade artisan soaps of the time. They were OK, but much too expensive for our everyday use!  So out of health necessity and budget the investigation began on how to make our own truly pure soap. It had to be pure with no additives or preservatives.

Experimentation, tests, trial and error brought us to the perfect soap…Handmade Peppermint Soap Supreme! We called it “supreme” reflecting the best product recipe we found. That perfect bar is what we still produce and use ourselves today.  It is our signature product.


All our soap is smooth, creamy and lathers very well.  Then we add the addition of therapeutic grade essential oil of peppermint, giving a slight delicious skin tingle when you use it.  MARVELOUS…THE BEST! Although we did not realize it way back then, Handmade Soap Supreme was born. After the research and invention of our personal use soap, we just went on our merry way! Being happy that we had solved our soap allergy reaction problems and had the soap we needed…HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER! That was about 12 years ago.

Eventually over time and through soap gifts to many close friends and relatives, people wanted more of our Handmade Soap Supreme! WOW! We now hear (almost daily) stories from folks who had problems with their commercial soap products, but now after using Handmade Soap Supreme, they have clearer skin, shinier hair and are amazed at the quick results.

Many people are in love with this soap…and you will be too!! Please give it a try and enjoy it every day from our home kitchen to you.  We are proud to say that HANDMADE SOAP SUPREME is everyday use soap (and not fussy). From those humble beginnings, we continue on into the future at Handmade Soap Supreme by staying small-batch made and reasonably-priced. We also are dedicated to continuously developing new soap flavors (based on our original recipes) and adding new amazing bath products that we think are great for your bath time…your skin and your body…to health!

PLEASE STAY WITH US!  Thank you so much for visiting and please come back to the “one-stop soap shop.”  We want to thank all of you who have supported our endeavors from the beginning and new friends that continue to enjoy our products.

―“The Soap Makers”