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Welcome to Handmade Soap Supreme

Hello, welcome to Handmade Soap Supreme, the online one-stop soap shop!! If you’re here, then you are our guest, and we love it when people visit us and want to know about our soap! We want to make sure your visit is a productive and happy one and that you are pleased with your product purchase from HANDMADE SOAP SUPREME!! COME ON IN!!

We hope you will return to see us whenever you need soap, because we love soap, and we love providing the very best products on this planet for personal enjoyment. We truly care about the people who love and use our soap and also what our soap does for the people who use it.

We here at Handmade Soap Supreme have learned how important soap is to all of us every day and would like to share our reasons why:

A PERSONAL TOUCH: SOAP touches you personally in an intimate way EVERYDAY…there are not many items in our lives like that!! The skin is delicate and porous and absorbs what touches it…so the cleanest, most pure products must be used!

PRODUCT PURITY: A product that touches you intimately should be made pure and simple of four pure ingredients…it should not contain a mixture of chemicals that you can’t even pronounce let alone would want applied to your skin!

ENABLING YOUR OWN INNER STRENGTH: Bathing is the experience that warms and calms the soul, and the soap and soaking salts that accompany your bath should include your favorite essential oil! These pure oils are ancient and have been used for health purposes for over 2000 years. We use only therapeutic grade oil in all our products. These oils were medicines developed long before our traditional modern medicines. They contain powerful health giving qualities that can calm, stimulate, focus, relieve, boost, balance, protect and aid in strengthening  your own body’s natural immune system.


Our soap is handcrafted, which means made lovingly by hand.  Natural soap is made with fat/oil and lye. When mixed together (process of saponification) there are two main products created: soap and glycerin.  Soap is an alkaline product that bonds to dirt, oils and any foreign materials found on skin, helping to remove impurities, and the glycerin has moisturizing properties.

Pure, All Natural Ingredients

Our soap is made with a unique blend of almond, coconut, olive oil and raw nut butters.  Vegetable fats and oils are great for making soap and have the added benefit of being gentle on the skin. They produce high higher glycerin contents from the soap making process than animal derived fats.  Most commercial soap is made from beef tallow (animal fat) as well as many added chemicals like preservatives and lather creating agents.

Gentle and Mosturizing

Most commercial soaps are processed to extract the glycerin, creating a hard long lasting soap bar that lasts longer but does not moisturize your skin as well.  Our all-natural soap is made from pure vegetable fats and oils that are gentle on the skin. The higher glycerin content in our soap is moisturizing, so it won’t dry out your skin.

No Preservatives

Our pure soap has no preservatives, which means it has a shelf life and begins to dry and release the natural volatile oils immediately after production. Sunlight/UV wavelength light also has a drying and color leeching effect causing the soap to generally discolor (lighten) and release more of its water. All no-preservative soaps last about 4-5 weeks or quite a bit longer if stored properly.

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